1959 Established Nihon Suido Consultants Co., Ltd. in Minato-ku, Tokyo
Set up Water supply, Sewage works, and Overseas Divisions
1963 Relocated Head office to Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
1965 Established Group Company: Suicou Service Co., Ltd.
1972 Established Central Research Institute
1975 Set up Architectural Division
1995 Set up River Engineering Division and Environmental Division
1998 Certified ISO9001
2001 Certified ISO14001
2009 Set new logo and slogan
Certified ISO27001 (Sewerage Management Section, Information System Section)
Introduced Executive Officer System
Set up Business Development Headquarters and Business Operations Headquarters
2011 Set up Mechanical & Electrical Division Established Group Company: NSC Tech Co., Ltd.
2012 PT DACREA Design and Engineering Consultants in Indonesia become our group company
2013 Water Quality Inspection Division divided and established Group Company: Io Co., Ltd.
Sabo Engineering Co., Ltd. become our group company
2015 Certified ISO55001 (Water Supply Division, Sewage Works Division, Information System Division)
2016 Certified Tokyo Construction Business License