Message from President

Nihon Suido Consultants (Nihon Suido) has developed our consulting services with national and local governments in Japan since its founding in 1959. Based on our high technical capabilities, Nihon Suido has contributed to development of water supply and sewage infrastructure system in not only Japan but also over 55 countries, establishing our position as a leading consultant in the water sector.

As discussed in SDGs, ensuring water supply and sanitation is one of the Basic Human Needs and has a great ripple effect on improving the quality of life. According to the 2017 UNICEF and WHO survey, 2.1 billion people worldwide cannot obtain safe water at home and 4.5 billion people cannot use safely installed toilets. We are also concerned about this situation; we will contribute to this issue while participating in our ODA (Official Development Assistance) projects with our technical capabilities and services.

Our advantage is possessing over 60 years of experience and know-how as the leading consultant in the water sector and having engineers with advanced technology. We are proud of different and unique in the domestic and global market. This is due to our vast experience of water related projects in Japan including any climate zones, which is widely applicable in emerging countries and we have an abundance of experience around the world.

As a leading consultant of the water sector, our role is to provide sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure to citizens. Furthermore, we believe that it is an important role for us to take over infrastructure assets to the next generation properly and sustainably in not only Japan but also the world.