NSC’s contribution to fight against coronavirus (COVID-19) infection through the development of water supply and sewerage systems

Maintaining a safe and hygienic water environment is one of the most critical measures to prevent and control the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

Regular hand washing and gargling are important lifestyle habits to control the spread of infection. Thus, it has become necessity for everyone to use water that has been properly disinfected with chlorine.

Nihon Suido Consultants Co., Ltd.(NSC) is an engineering consultancy firm specialized in water supply, sewerage and water environment.

Since its inception in 1959, NSC has contributed to ensuring clean and safe water supply by planning, designing and supervising water supply systems all over the world. The company has capability to plan and design measures /facilities for maintaining an appropriate residual chlorine concentration from any tap.

Waterside areas such as sea, rivers and lakes are important living environment that bring us comfort and peace of mind. Moreover, in order to minimize the risk of the coronavirus spreading, sewerage system also plays an important role by way of properly treating domestic and industrial wastewater to maintain a healthy and clean water environment.

NSC has contributed to maintaining a healthy and clean water environment by planning, designing and supervising sewerage systems in Japan and other countries of the world. We can plan and design disinfection facilities which ensure a hygienic safety of the treated sewage with chlorine or ultraviolet rays prior to its discharge to public water body.

In addition, NSC has abundant experience for consulting on disaster countermeasures. The company has contributed to developing numerous emergency restoration plans, water supply contingency plans, disaster sanitation measures as well as business continuity plans (BCPs) for the water supply and sewerage business.

For ensuring the prevention of coronavirus, and any other viruses that may come along in future, we are ready to support you in developing the water and sewer infrastructure with reliable technology and expertise.

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