Information System

We provide leading edge consulting services on the development of information systems based on the latest ICT technology.

We especially provide two asset management system specialized for water related facilities: Blitz GIS for water & sewage pipes and Blitz GROW for water & wastewater facilities. Through our developed asset management system, the effective and sustainable maintenance for water related facilities can be applied.

  • Asset Management System for Water & Sewage Pipes - Blitz GIS

    Our developed Blitz GIS is the user-friendly asset management system with simplified GIS, specialized for water and sewage pipes. Users can access facility specifications, drawings and inspection records anytime anywhere by Cloud System.

  • Asset Management System for Water & Wastewater Facilities - Blitz GROW

    Our developed Blitz GROW is the asset management system specialized for water and wastewater facilities. The system consists of 4 main functions; facility ledger / inventory, inspection and maintenance, degradation analysis and renewal plan, and drawing storage.

    Every information related to water and wastewater facilities is integrated into user-friendly Blitz GROW. Daily and periodical inspection and maintenance can be scheduled and recorded on Blitz GROW. Users can estimate degradation trend and Life Cycle Cost for every facilities based on various scenario of life extension and renewal.

    The system leads to the preventive maintenance approach, which can save the cost for renewal and rehabilitation and prevent sudden shutdown and malfunction.

    Asset Management System for Water & astewater Facilities