Machinery, Electricity & Plant

Our research, planning and design are based on a sound understanding of machinery and electrical equipment performance. We exercise flexibility in matching diverse requirements with equipment service life, with due consideration to budget constraints. We provide services for design and construction of plant systems for water supply and sewage facilities, disaster prevention, energy saving, renewable energy, etc.

  • Asset Management of Water Plant

    Water supply and sewerage facilities are entering an era of renewal of ageing facilities. On the other hand, tariff revenue is decreasing due to population decline nationwide. Under these circumstances, efficient investment based on asset management concept is more and more of importance for water utilities. From other perspective, renewal of the facility is a great opportunity to improve system functionality, which can be achieved by replacing with top-runner products or innovative technology.

    1) Function evaluation (diagnosis of ageing condition and functionality)
    ・Concrete deterioration diagnosis
    ・Seismic diagnosis (structural calculation)
    ・Water quality simulation, water treatment function diagnosis
    ・Diagnosis of facility deterioration
    ・Diagnosis of pipe function, pipe network simulation, water quality survey in pipe
    ・Energy diagnosis

    2) Asset valuation (deterioration prediction)
    ・Estimation of remaining life of concrete (neutralization test)
    ・Determining remaining life of equipment (degree of aging, repair parts, etc.)
    ・Pipeline diagnosis (inner / outer), deterioration prediction → remaining life prediction
    ・Asset value estimate, update cost estimate
    ・LCC / LCA
    ・Ledger for assets

    3) Business plan / financial analysis
    ・Demand forecast
    ・Complaint analysis
    ・Pipe network restructuring
    ・Crisis management plan, earthquake-resistant design
    ・Financial analysis
    ・Financial simulation
    ・Tarrif calculation and institutional design

    4) Detailed design, Construction supervision
    ・Environmentally conscious technology (solar power generation, small hydro power generation, wind power generation)
    ・New technology
    ・VE, PPP・PFI advisory

    5) Ex-post evaluation / monitoring
    ・Business revaluation
    ・Assistance for calculating performance indicators (PI)

    6) Maintenance and maintenance inspection work (information management system)
    ・Pipe management system (GIS)
    ・Equipment information management system
    ・Drawing / ledger management system
    ・Maintenance & inspection management system

  • Building a Strategy for Earthquake Resistant System

    Due to growing consciousness for global environmental issues and degradation of natural resources, there has been urgent need for energy efficiency and renewable energy usage. Accordingly, there have been numbers of new technologies aiming at reducing the environmental load or achieving sustainable energy usage.

    However, even if these technologies look appealing, we have to be careful when choosing the appropriate alternatives. Since we are dealing with "water," any small error can expose huge impact on human life. In consideration of these constraints, we examine if the technologies are;
    ・Relevant with the characteristics of water supply/sewerage facilities
    ・Well advanced and stable
    ・Easy to operate and maintain
    In order to propose suitable option for each specific case, increasing efficiency of existing equipment or facilities shall also be considered.
    ・Efficient and proper operation management of mechanical equipment
    ・Introduction of energy-saving/high efficiency products
    ・Optimum operation of pump by inverter control
    ・Lowering the pump's head
    ・Adoption of gravity flow
    ・Efficient water operation (optimization of pressure, optimal selection of routes, etc.)
    ・Equalization of electricity usage (night power use, introduction of NAS battery system)
    ・Efficient and proper management of building facilities