Our Value

No.1 Leading Company

Nihon Suido Consultants (NSC) is proud to be a pioneer in water consultancy specializing in water supply and sewerage systems since its incorporation in 1959. We are No.1 in sales in our field of expertise in Japan. Besides Japan, we have past and present work experience in over 70 countries all over the globe. We cover all aspects of water infrastructure, including rivers and water environment. We work with ministries, local municipalities, water and wastewater utilities, private companies, and bi-lateral and multi-lateral international funding agencies in Japan and around the world. Over the years, we have earned the respect and trust of our Clients worldwide.

Our Extensive Expertise

NSC is a consulting firm specializing in the water sector. This is of a great advantage to us as we are able to bring in extensive and comprehensive engineering consulting services on every component of a project life cycle from master plan, feasibility study to concept and detailed design, construction supervision, and operation and maintenance. Most of our projects include a component on capacity building, training and technology transfer. We also provide advisory services on any aspect pertaining to water infrastructure. We provide our services by integrating and utilizing sophisticated knowledge and technologies tailored to give local and sustainable solutions.

Global Business

We have worked in over 70 countries around the world. We have rendered our consulting services for improvement and augmentation of water supply and sewerage systems in developing countries where people do not have access to safe water and adequate sanitation. We have also provided comprehensive solutions for sustainable management of water and wastewater utilities all over the world. We address the global water related challenges through our extensive expertise and local-oriented services.

Water for Life

Water is essential for life. Sometimes water causes disasters and accidents, such as floods, droughts, water contamination. NSC contributes to a safe and healthy living environment for many people through our extensive and comprehensive engineering consulting services for water infrastructure. NSC also contribute to a resilient and sustainable society to mitigate the impact of climate change and pandemics.

Providing Optimum Solution through Our Innovative Technology

NSC provides optimal solutions by making full use of simulation technologies such as rainfall-runoff analysis, hydrodynamic analysis, water quality prediction for public water bodies, and structural analysis by the finite element method. NSC also provides leading cutting-edge consulting services for digital water solutions through our proven information technologies and asset management systems.