Privacy Policy

Nihon Suido Consultants Co., Ltd. (“NSC”) recognizes the importance of protecting personal information, and handles the personal information collected by NSC in accordance with the policies described below.

1.NSC uses the personal information that is collected within the scope of the purpose of use clarified by NSC at the time of collection of such information and to the extent necessary for the business operations. The personal information collected on this website or by any other means for making inquiries will be used in order to respond to such inquiries and communications. The personal information collected during the recruitment process will be used for providing information to prospective candidates.

2.NSC will not disclose or provide personal information to any third parties except for the following cases:
a. Where the relevant person has consented to the disclosure
b. Where NSC is required or authorized by law to do so

3.To improve the services provided, Google Analytics of Google Inc. is installed on this website to track and analyze website performance. Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze website traffic and may automatically collect information such as internet domain names, IP addresses, and pageviews. NSC uses such information only for the purposes to analyze the performance of this website, to report to the website administrators, and to provide any other services. Please note that use of this website will be deemed as the consent to collect, process and store the personal information by Google. *Users can choose to reject cookies. However, if users reject cookies, they may not be able to use certain of the website features.

4.When NSC receives a request to confirm, update and correct inaccuracies in retained personal information by e-mail as indicated below, NSC will respond to such request within the reasonable extent upon verifying the identity of the person making such request.

5.NSC shall strictly manage and safeguard personal information, and NSC shall destroy or delete personal information in an appropriate manner once the purpose has been fulfilled.

Contact for Inquiries

Brand Marketing Section, Corporate Planning Department, Corporate Headquarters
The above e-mail address has two @ symbols to prevent unsolicited bulk email (spam). Please delete @ symbol from the e-mail address before sending a message.

Regarding Shared Use of Personal Information

 Regarding Shared Use of Personal Information