We aim to create a "new landscape" for the future by combining landscape and architecture. We use leading cutting-edge technologies for the infrastructure architectural design in harmony with the local climate, landscape and environment.

  • Utilization of "Vacant" Place of Water Facilities

    Water facilities such as water treatment plants and sewage treatment plants have vast spaces that can be valuable assets if used effectively. In addition, restructuring of water facilities by combining or demolishing in this population declining society would generate more and more spaces. On the other hand, in coming years city/urban planning will be likely to seek for new concept such as smart city, compact city, or disaster-resistant city. Considering these demands from society, we propose the best mix of public works projects, fully utilizing the hidden treasures found in water facilities.

  • Community-oriented Planning

    Collaboration with local residents has become indispensable in understanding issues and demands, then undertaking infrastructure development. By identifying the needs of the community via communication, more efficient and effective development can be possible. Community participation has various stages from introduction, opinion hearing, discussion, consensus formation by workshop. The example procedure of the workshop is shown below.

  • Green Infrastructure

    Ecological space (biotope) has been divided, isolated and deteriorated, especially in urban areas. As a result, it has caused changes in ecosystems such as decreasing the diversity of flora and faunas, increasing specific and alien species, which is not favorable for our living environment as well. Green infrastructure is a concept which aims to utilize the functions of natural environment to solve various problems in today's society, and has attracted attention in every part of the world in recent years. The effect of green infrastructure ranges variously from water quality improvement and landscape formation utilizing the function of ecosystem to improvement of flood control function by improvement of green area.