The Development Study on the Improvement of Sewerage and Drainage System for the Havana Bay (2002-2003)


Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)


The Havana Bay at Havana City (2000 population: 2.2 million people), the biggest city among Caribbean countries, is seriously polluted caused by insufficient domestic and industrial wastewater treatment and its closed water bodies. It has become a serious situation and there was concern that it would have an negative effect on the ecological system, tourism, and economy of the bay.


After the basic survey for understanding of current condition, we carried out various studies including the financial economical evaluation and selection the priority project. At the last stage, we carried out the outline design and feasibility study for priority project including technology transfer to Cuba.

Technical Feature

To understand the current situation of erroneous connection, that the sewer pipe is connected to the rainwater drainage channel, we applied staining method using dye and survey the connection situation after the in-home drain pipe.