Kandy City Wastewater Management Project (2008- )


National Water Supply and Drainage Board in Sri Lanka (NWSDB), Ministry of Housing, Construction and Public Utilities (JBIC fund)


In Kandy City is one of Sri Lanka's major tourist destinations and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the domestic wastewater from septic tanks flow into Kandy Lake and Mahaweli River. This situation is concerning because Mahaweli River water is used as a tap water source downstream. Against this situation, this project was started in 2008 with financial assistance from JBIC for maintaining safe water sources, reducing waterborne infectious diseases, and improving water quality of surface water.


Target Year: 2030
Sewerage Service Area: 733ha
Sewerage Service Population (2030): Residential Population Approx. 60,000 persons, Nonresidential Population Approx. 70,000 persons

Main Contents of Design

・Sewer Line (Main Line, Branch Line), Getambe Pump Station
・Wastewater Treatment Plant (14,000m3/day), Sludge Treatment Drying Bed
・House Connection Sewer for each house
・Public Toilet and Bath for Low Income Group