Project for Improvement of Operation and Maintenance of Water Supply and Sewerage Systems in Parana States (2012-2015)


SANEPAR, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)


In the Curitiba metropolitan and the coastal area located in the southern part of Brazil, improvement of water supply and sewerage has progressed drastically by PARANASAN (1998-2009 ODA loan project). However, the poor function of anaerobic treatment is reported due to drainage of sewage from manhole/ drainage outlet, and large amounts of inflow water during rainy weather. They have a strong concern that the current quality of treated water may make it difficult to satisfy water quality standards in the future. In this situation, SANEPAR and JICA agreed on project design for technical cooperation for ODA loan, and this project was started for maintenance and management of purification and sewage treatment facilities in 2012.


Overall Goal

Service of water supply and sewerage in SANEPAR is improved.

Project Purpose

Capacity of management and maintenance for water supply and sewerage in SANEPAR is improved.

Output 1

Capacity of maintenance for sewer pipes in SANEPAR is strengthened.

Output 2

Capacity of operation and maintenance for sewage treatment plant in SANEPAR on the view of renewal plan in mid-and-long term is strengthened.