Study on Water Environment Improvement Project for Da Nang City (2008-2009)


The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of JAPAN (METI)


Da Nang City (2008 population: approx. 820,000 people), the fourth city of Vietnam, has not developed sufficient sewage treatment and rainwater drainage facilities, causing contamination of water sources, accumulation of sludge in drainage, bad odor, frequent flooding at the time of rainfall. The problem also prevented the development of Da Nang Bay adjacent to the city (marine sports district). To solve these problems, Da Nang Municipal People's Committee requested Japan to formulate an ODA loan project for improving the water environment. Based on this request, we carried out the proposal type F/S survey of METI, “Study on Developing Countries Economic Partnership Project (METI survey)".


We have selected the priority area (METI 1st, 2nd Area) based on the land use plan. For the METI 1st Phase Project, NSC have planned the separate sewerage system in Lien Chieu Area consisted sewer pipes, pump station, sewerage treatment plant and drainage pipes.